So Many Men So Little Time

No girl ever wants to be alone. No girl ever wants to not feel like a priority, but for Danya it started to spiral out of control. Her need for love and affection became a constant need. No, she was not a player nor a user but probably one of the most sweetest and white hearted people in this cruel world. Unfortunately her line of bad luck was never ending. How about I take you back a bit? 

It all started with her first relationship with, well let’s just call him M. 

He was someone unexpected, someone that was every girls prince charming. But knowing us girls we tend to sabotage the perfect things.

*I know its a very short intro but i promise the official first chapter will be worth the wait. So let me guys know what you think (its based on a true story) and if you’d like me to change the entire story.*


– D7 x